Monday, March 12, 2012

We've come full circle on celebrating Pi Day

This just screams fun.
Hey, quick question, do you have any plans for Wednesday? Any things on your to do list? Is there something you'd like to do 3.14159 times?

For you math geeks out there, you know exactly where I'm going with this. Wednesday is March 14th. A rounded numeral of π is 3.14—that means, Happy π Day!

I realize I made reference to math geeks in the previous sentence, but don't worry, π is a universal constant that when multiplied by 2r fully encompasses all the fun. It's a number that anyone can celebrate and love and on Wednesday, I'm certain everyone will.

But there is some debate about how exactly to celebrate this renowned holiday. It seems like the easiest way to celebrate the day would be to have people gather around and see how far many digits of the acclaimed irrational number. However, that would actually cause the concept of the word “party” to implode. That's something middle school nerds do to impress the opposite gender.. they also don't realize that it impresses no genders. Also, no matter how much it π s things up, don't calculate the volume your party hats could hold. Just don't.

Key to any good party is having some sort of delicious dessert item. What better choice than serving actual pie to celebrate the day. I imagine a good banana cream pie is the best way to go, but feel free to use your imagination—lemon meringue, apple, blood. Anything would be good, it is pie after all. I've always wanted to bake a cake and cut it into the π shape. That would create pi cake, which would be delicious and ironic and deliciously ironic all at the same time.

Another way to celebrate is to play off the 3.14159ness of the day and doing things 3.14159 times. Walk around a circle that many times, which actually doubly celebrates the day. Of course, you can also have sex 3.14159 times. And to make that one even better, I highly recommend not rounding off to the .00159—expand out another decimal, you'll thank me later.

You can also take in a viewing of the movie “Pi.” However, be forewarned, I'm pretty sure it makes no sense, but at the end of it, a guy jabs an electric drill into his head, much like the real π forces people to do. Recalling that, I realize this movie would be extremely apropos for your π celebrations.
This just screams fun.
Figuring out all the digits of π is another great way to celebrate the day. I realize I said earlier reciting digits was an awful way to celebrate, but this isn't reciting, this is deducing what comes next. This number has plagued mankind ever since Archimedes hilariously approximated it as 3 in the 3rd century BC. Modern technology is making it even easier to figure out π—supercomputers have calculated it out to 10 trillion digits. You can bring it even further out, maybe even to upwards of 11 trillion digits by using this simple philosophy, make stuff up. It's not like anyone can or would call you on it. And I can now say with extreme certainty that the 3,325,436,626,462th digit of pi is a 6.

Just try and prove me wrong. You can't, so go and eat your humble π while I have the greatest π day ever.

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