Thursday, January 19, 2012

Justin Bieber Stays "Home Alone" This Winter

Justin Bieber Stays “Home Alone” this Winter

LOS ANGELES, Jan 19, 2012/ - For anyone who's afraid pop star Justin Bieber might be left “Home Alone” this Christmas, those fears are justified. The teen idol will do exactly that as 20th Century Fox Films just signed him to star in a remake of the 1990 classic “Home Alone.” Now the paint cans and Micro Machines, broken ornaments and flamethrowers that made the first one so much fun will join with the singer's talents to make a hilarious romp for the whole family.

“Don't forget me this Christmas, LOL,” Bieber tweeted to his over 16 million followers to announce the completion of the deal.

Justin Bieber is in Home Alone
Already a pop music mainstay, Justin
Bieber plans to take the box office by
storm with "Home Alone."
While the script is still in the revision process, Christopher Columbus, who directed the original and will executive produce the remake, says he knows this is the role Bieber was born to play.

“Justin is just a natural born star who's ready to take over film. One of the worst parts about the original 'Home Alone' is Macaulay Culkin was such an unknown, you didn't know what to expect from him,” says Columbus. “With Justin, you know he's a fantastic singer, and he just might launch into a rendition of 'Baby' to scare off the bad guys. Who knows?”

Columbus also points out Culkin has been offered a prime cameo role in the new version. But he coyly refuses to say if it's playing one of the parents, or maybe even one of the “Wet Bandits”—roles made famous by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

Bieber intentionally did not schedule any concert stops for this spring because he knew the film would shoot in Vancouver during early 2012. With the contracts officially signed, the script should finish its revisions phase by the end of the month and a director will be selected soon afterwards. 

Simply titled "Home Alone," the movie should make its way to the screen for the holiday season of 2012. Producers are aiming for a Thanksgiving week release.

This year will be remarkably busy for the pint-sized crooner. In addition to taking the starring role in “Home Alone,” he will try his hand at producing the film as well. “Believe,” his forthcoming album will also drop in the later part of summer 2012, after he wraps his duties on “Home Alone.”

The original “Home Alone,” one of the most successful comedies of all time, premiered in 1990 and went on to gross over $530 million dollars internationally. It made lead actor Macaulay Culkin into a star and spawned several sequels.

Twentieth Century Fox Film, a division of News Corp., is a leading supplier of entertainment content domestically and around the world.

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