Monday, April 2, 2012

It's cookie milk time, cookie milk time, cookie milk time. Cookie milk time, cookie milk time.

I've just discovered probably one of the most amazing recipes ever conceived. It's so amazingly amazing, I am dedicating this entire posting to it.

Awesome Drink that Tastes Great Even without the Advent of Alcohol Recipe®
1. Glass of milk.
2. Standard serving of cookies. In my household, that's 10 in the bizarro world that's nutritional info, that's two.

1. Combine above ingredients.
2. Leave room.
3. Let cookie mingle with milk, milk mingle with cookie. Five minutes is a generally accepted time.
4. Enjoy.
It should look like this. AKA, it should look amazing.
Some might question this recipe. They might agree cookies and milk is one of the greatest things ever invented, everyone agrees with that, even lactose intolerants. Is it too much of a leap then to combine them to a point where one has soggified the other? I respectfully say it is not.

Sure, I already have the awesome and registered name for my drink, but I might just colloquially refer to it as “Cookies in Milk,” because that's what it is. I mean they're literally floating around in a glass of milk. Like a stew, but with no beef product particles. A perfect version of this drink should feature cookies that taste like milk and milk that tastes like cookies. It's a perfect synthesis that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups could only dream of having.

Some are going to criticize this as “weird” or “a bastardization of all that is good and holy.” Don't invoke the good and holy until it's actually tried. It's not like trying it is too big of a leap. Everyone loves cookies, everyone loves milk, everyone loves cookies and milk, therefore everyone should love cookies in milk.

This is probably one of the better ways to infuse cookie sensation into things that don't normally contain cookie. In a perfect world, I could just place cookie dough into everything, like I want, but that gets even more gawkers, so I will stick with this inbetween of cooked cookie dough infused into my milk.

One thing is certain though, you must use skim milk for this procedure. If you try doing it with two percent, or (lord help you) whole milk, it just won't work. My strategy works because you're putting a solid into a liquid, which allows the milk to engorge the cookie and place its flavor inside of it.

However, if you use the other types of milk, you're putting a solid into a solid. There's no overlap, no engorging. It's just cookie on top of milk. You could pretty much play Jenga with that sort of set up... although that actually sounds like something a molecular gastronomist just might engineer. Regardless, it shouldn't be done. Solid into liquid good, other way, not so good.

I'm completely okay with using chocolate milk as well, because that just amps up the level of awesome of said drink.

Feel free to enjoy this thing, I'm pretty certain everyone else will, and suddenly cookies will become completely acceptable to have for dinner.

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