Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cover Letters that Didn't Work Part 12: Getting Social with Myself

As three of you might have guessed, when I wrote my post about cover letters last week, I included a part one in the title. That means there's most likely going to be a part two.

But that's just wrong, I've decided to completely skip convention and just launch into part 12. Trust me, it's for the best, as it glosses over many dark and disturbing cover letters that mainly talked about the decline of the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” series of films.

They were dark.

But cover letter 12 came with this video. It actually got me an interview, and even got me no job! A very multi-faceted and accomplished video it is. Even better, it was a very multi-Kevined video!

Without further ado, here's that renowned vid.

Oh, and as a bit of ado, I do know the sound is off in bits. I edited it in Windows Movie Maker, which as the name implies is actually not good at all at making movies. I've also redacted the name of the company, because, why not?

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